Refinery Optimization Center

Oil & Gas | California, USA

A multi-year facility-siting analysis was required to build this low-level blast resistant control building for this major petrochemical company. The goal was to centralize and consolidate control systems, to control costs and realize new efficiencies. The result was at once a showpiece, and a solid return on investment for the client.

This control building was designed to accommodate only those people considered critical to the operations of the plant on a day-to-day basis. Twelve custom consoles feature state-of-the-art ergonomics, and the room was engineered to keep decibel levels down to less than 35 dBs. An architectural and design showpiece, with 40 people in the room it’s still as quiet as a library.

A training simulator is located adjacent the main control area, and a situation room has direct line-of-sight to the control room. A nearby exercise room provides an opportunity to energize, along with 2 alertness recovery rooms to rest providing a quiet sanctuary for countering fatigue.

Though built for low-level blast resistance, the building nonetheless features windows in the office area that stream natural light through special laminated security glass.

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38,000 sf / 3530.3 sm
Oil & Gas
California, USA
2012 | Built
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It is a hit! The building has opened to rave reviews. Everyone really enjoys working out of the building. All of your design features are performing as anticipated. The noise level and lighting in the control area is excellent and the openness and natural light in the office area has created a great feel.

Facilities Manager


Consolidating and streamlining resulted in reduced incident response time. Fatigue counter and alertness recovery measures were a departure from traditional ways. A place to nap may not sound revolutionary, but BAW Architecture was thinking way out of the box at the time, applying research principles that showed alertness dramatically increased following short periods of sleep.


BAW designed for low-level structural response for a 1.5 PSI, 50 M-SEC. This “inside the fence” was also built to withstand high-level seismic forces.


The return on investment for the client has been substantial and ongoing. Contact us to learn more about what our team can do for you.

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