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High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Protection


Your utility is part of the critical infrastructure, and needs to meet high altitude electromagnetic pulse protection guidelines in the event of an electromagnetic pulse attack. We can ensure that your control room meets the standards for mitigation.

A High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) is a burst of radiation produced in the atmosphere by an external source. It has the potential to interrupt, degrade or halt transmission of power in the grid. As the global leader in mission-critical control room design, BAW Architecture offers HEMP protection services. BAW has built an international reputation working with some of the largest and most prestigious companies and institutions around the world. If your control room or control building needs to be HEMP protected, call on BAW for a one-stop-shop solution.

A Brief History of HEMP

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security released EMP protection and restoration guidelines in December 2016. It introduces the EMP protection zone concept, which allows operators to implement adequate protection to ensure system recovery after exposure to a potentially catastrophic HEMP event. Utilities, power grids, transformers, transmission lines and communication networks are vulnerable to the power surge associated with a HEMP event, in addition to other areas of military and civilian critical infrastructure.

Hardening Infrastructure to Guard Against HEMP

Utilities are critical to our country’s operations. However, in the past, HEMP events have not been taken into consideration during their design process. From the data center facilities through the entire power grid, HEMP-protected designs should be part of the design conversation.

BAW and its partners possess the experience and expertise to protect the critical infrastructure housed in the control buildings of utilities to NERC standards. By hardening infrastructure and updating technology and operational procedures, we can ensure that your control room meets Military Standard 188-125, which establishes the benchmark for product performance in a HEMP event. Hardening your infrastructure is an investment in critical long-term viability, one that may be eligible for government funding. Contact BAW today to learn more.

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