Honeywell and BAW Architecture enjoy a long and mutually beneficial relationship that spans 30 years.

At the time, few architecture firms specialized in control rooms, but BAW had already implemented two designs. Honeywell designed and sold the automation systems in those same control rooms and realized that by teaming with BAW they could differentiate themselves from their competition.

The relationship eventually led Honeywell to invite BAW into the ASM® Consortium, where a group of forward-thinking industry leaders invested in research and development to improve the safety and effectiveness of mission critical control rooms.  BAW was an active member of the ASM Consortium for over ten years. They also are the only member in the history of the consortium that focused on the development and implementation of best practices in control room design. The research work done by BAW when they were members, is still used today by active members in the petrochemical community. As the undisputed expert in control room design, BAW was invited to speak at Honeywell conferences worldwide. BAW also authored best practice guidelines in control room design for Honeywell at their request, which is still in use today.

During BAW’s tenure with Honeywell as part of the ASM Consortium, they helped Honeywell create a state-of-the-art control room to showcase process automation technology to prospective Honeywell customers. Customers could view a simulation, where an abnormal situation was created and then brought back to safety with best-practices in both automation and control room design. The entire unit had to be portable, upgradable and scalable, pursuant to industry standards that demand a 25% growth capacity, to accoClientmmodate future technology. The Honeywell Operations Center of the Future was a great success.

More recently, BAW collaborated with Honeywell to provide their expertise on the design of their new console furniture for control rooms.

BAW has done work for the following Honeywell divisions:

Honeywell Resins & Chemicals LLC

Honeywell Process Solutions

Honeywell Chile, S.A.

Honeywell IAC

Honeywell UOP

Phillips Petroleum (Honeywell EPC)

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