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Cost Estimating

A no-surprises approach at all costs

We work with best cost estimators in the industry, ensuring that what you pay in the end is consistent with the budget set at the beginning.

BAW Architecture specializes in cost estimating services as part of our multifaceted approach to control building and control room architecture for the petrochemical, mining and transportation industries. The final cost of a project is no place for surprises, and that’s why we ensure accurate budgets throughout all stages of design. The goal is that, whenever a project is put out to bid, the price the owner eventually pays is consistent with the estimating and the budget that was set at the beginning of the job.

In addition to the estimating we also work on behalf of the stakeholders to negotiate and review the bid pricing, to make sure the bid is fair and appropriate. Regardless of the procurement process the owner chooses—whether through negotiation or a hard bid—we work on behalf of the owner/stakeholders to look after their best interests.

With over 100 control buildings and rooms built worldwide in the last 30 years, BAW is uniquely experienced in cost estimating around the globe. Many factors must be taken into account to deliver an informed, realistic estimate. These include the following:

Location, location, location

Many control buildings projects are located in remote locations. This adds layers of complexity to cost factors such as transportation and logistics. Are there paved roads in the area? A functioning rail line? An airport? A port?

Weather permitting

Environmental issues must also be taken into account, including extremes of heat and cold which can make it difficult to transport the workforce to a site, and to construct adequate accommodations and facilities for a workforce that is often on site for six weeks at a time. Climatic extremes and remoteness can also present challenges to the health and welfare of that workforce.

Under construction

The availability of skilled contractors in remote regions can be a challenge, and effective recruiting often requires looking far beyond the site in question. Local construction processes can also differ widely around the globe, and knowledge of these customs is essential for accurate estimating. The same design built in Germany and Bangladesh will have vastly different construction calculations. Even within the United States costs will vary from state to state, from urban to rural.

Safety in numbers

Security concerns are almost always part of the cost estimating equation. Blast mitigation measures and anti-terrorism systems, when needed, can influence the price of a build, and specialized expertise is required when the stakes are this high.

We know that owners and/or stakeholders are always looking for design solutions that save money, while still delivering on human factors design elements that ensure maximum productivity. Sometimes this can be as simple as reducing the footprint of a building by putting more square footage on an upper level, or considering an alternate building site. Whatever the solution, cost reduction is part and parcel of cost estimating at BAW.

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