Driven by Results

We are a small firm that delivers big results. Our core staff relies on a scalable approach, whereby we assemble customized teams on projects around the globe for your specific needs—managing groups of 350 or more experts as needed. This means low overhead. It means measurable reduction in control room error. It means results.

Over 100 Control Room Projects Built Worldwide

  • 20 international
  • 48 facility siting
  • 65 as asm® Associate member
  • 72 same core team of specialists
  • 35 with an epc

BAW Architecture streamlined a renovation of an existing control room by allowing traffic monitoring operations to continue without interruption.

project manager, colorado department of transportation
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Designing For The World’s Most Demanding Industries

All control room projects require an in-depth understanding of the unique design considerations of 24/7 manned industrial control centers and process plant control rooms, perhaps none more demanding than the oil and gas industry, where our expertise spans 25 years. Whether your industry is petroleum, chemical, mining, utilities or transportation, the stakes are high. We understand what makes a successful control room in a variety of the world’s toughest industries.

  • 56% oil & gas
  • 21% chemical
  • 10% epc
  • 7% utilities
  • 7% other
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Getting It Right the First Time

People know instinctively if a space is good, if it’s appropriate and fitting. They can feel if the lighting, shapes and colors are functional and harmonious. They rarely want to hear about geometry, proportion, formalism, symmetry, or composition. They just want it to be right. And that’s what we do at BAW Architecture—get it right the first time.


Our approach is operator-centric because the day-to-day realities of how the operator functions lies at the heart of the control center. Understanding the operator’s needs—how they interface with complex systems within a high-pressure environment—is square one, and all other design decisions flow out from that central point.

Return on Investment

Our control buildings deliver return on investment on a number of fronts. First, unsafe is expensive—think spills, explosions, lost production and litigation. Second, great work environments are proven to help recruit top talent, people you need in your corner to succeed. Third, our control buildings are designed to last for 50 years, so you can leave a legacy of outstanding productivity.

Increased Performance

A state-of-art control room gives operators the ability to return an abnormal situation to normal in the shortest amount of time possible. An optimized human-machine interface is crucial to achieving this end. Orientation of consoles, screen information, noise reduction, slip resistance, arc of reach, line of sight, clutter mitigation, manual placement—at BAW, attention is paid to each factor down to the finest detail.

Safety in Design

Unsafe, unproductive control room work environments are in the end very costly. Failure to integrate best practices can result in a catastrophic spill, leak or explosion. This costs lives, damages the environment and can result in years of litigation. We design the safest, most productive, and most durable control centers in the world. The upfront investment pays off for our clients every time.

Improved Communications

Control room operators everywhere know that the essence of abnormal situation management is proper information exchange, to enable the de-escalation of the situation in as short a window of time as humanly possible. This central concept lies at the heart of all BAW control rooms, and all design decisions emanate from it.