Principal & Key Personnel

25 Years of Excellence

BAW Architecture enjoys a passionate and dynamic work culture. We encourage fresh thinking from all perspectives. Every day we demonstrate our value of mutual respect and professional integrity by fostering a collaborative work style and open communication. Meet the BAW team.

Brad Adams Walker

Architect, Founder and President

The company founder has been blazing a trail in the control building space since 1987, but for Brad true success is measured in the lasting relationships based on mutual trust that he has forged with his team and clients—indeed, integrity is at the core of everything Brad does. His overall vision for BAW Architecture is an architecture and interior design firm that is a global leader in the design of advanced technology spaces and public places. He has completed over 100 control building projects over the past 25 years, and serves as Principal in Charge of all projects. He is a distinguished speaker who has made presentations at numerous conferences related to 24×7, mission-critical industries. Read more

Forrest Garrison Jr.

Architect, Project Manager

Armed with a Masters in architecture and superior CAD skills, Forrest joined the team in 2007. He quickly matured into a strong project manager, and currently leads a multi-disciplinary team.

Catherine Kite

Controller, Contracts Manager

As a key member of the senior management team, Catherine has responsibility for all finances, contract negotiation, project reporting and office management. Rumor has it she can read Brad’s mind.

Valerie Richards

Interior Designer

Joining the BAW team straight out of college, Valerie was steeped in control room design from the get go, and is now fluent in the language of global 24/7 control building design and operator-centric ergonomics.

Frank Zigmond

Architectural Designer, 3D Specialist

Frank creates fabulously realistic renderings and walkthrough videos, giving clients exceptional insight into projects at their formative stage. His in-house talents are a crucial component of BAW’s offerings.

Subject Matter Experts

In addition to its core office staff, BAW Architecture has cultivated long-standing relationships with highly specialized subject matter experts, people who possess unsurpassed knowledge in their particular field. Each specialist contributes a key component to BAW’s world-class control building offerings, and their work expresses the highest level of professional integrity.

Janette Edmonds, BSc(Hons), MSc, CErgHF, FIEHF, CMIOSH

The Keil Centre Ltd.—Director, Principal Consultant Ergonomist, HFE Expert

Janette holds a Masters in Ergonomics and is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in human factors engineering. Her expertise spans the oil, gas, emergency services, defense, rail, telecom and medical industries. She is, says BAW’s founder, “by far and away the best I have ever met in the discipline.” Her mastery of the technical aspects of HFE is matched only by her ability to stand up in front of a room full of engineers and knock their socks off.

Peter Knowles, FRICS

RLB | Rider Levett Bucknall—Executive Vice President, Cost Estimator

Peter holds a Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying from London South Bank University and is a recognized expert in the field of construction cost management. All clients have the fundamental question, “How much will it cost?” Peter not only answers it in the earliest stages of the project, he recommends systems and materials that drive costs down, consistently ensuring cost conscious results on all projects, with an eye to environmental sustainability.

Ralph Rempel, P.E.

Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers—Principal, Structural Engineer

Ralph is a recognized expert in the prevention and mitigation of accidental explosions and malevolent attack. He has been the design principal or project engineer on more than 40 projects globally requiring blast resistant, progressive collapse resistant or anti-terrorism defensive design expertise. Engineers are great at problem solving; Ralph is brilliant at anticipating a problem before it happens and preventing it. Cerebral, practical, and unflappable, he’s that guy you want in your corner.

Peggy Hewitt

BAW Architecture—Marketing and Business Development

Peggy has many years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development roles during her career with Honeywell. She has extensive experience working with global industrial companies in discrete and process industries focused on improving plant productivity, sustainability, and operations safety. Peggy is recognized for building strong client relationships, and strategies that result in growth. She’s a trusted advisor and long-time ally.

Michael Brendle, FAIA

BAW Architecture—AIA Fellow, Architect

Michael is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and the recipient of over 40 AIA Design Excellence Awards. He holds a degree in Architecture from Texas Tech University and has been the lead architect on countless projects around the globe. Says Brad, “Michael is the most talented design architect I have ever had the privilege to work with. He’s won every award imaginable yet approaches his work with passion, not ego. He’s grounded, collaborative, and his enthusiasm is infectious. Such a gentleman.”

Mark Rudiger

The RMH Group, Inc.—Lighting Design Specialist

Mark holds a degree in Architectural Engineering with Lighting Emphasis from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and is LEED certified from the U.S. Green Building Council. His implementation of daylighting and other energy-efficient measures results in effective, reliable green designs. Most lighting folks are reps for a brand who push a particular product; Mark, by contrast, is an unbiased design expert driven by pragmatism, science, a client’s best interest, and the beauty of light.

Ed Logsdon

D. L. Adams Associates—Associate Principal/Vice President, Acoustics Specialist

Ed holds a degree in electrical engineering and is the former President of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants. He is an expert in all areas of acoustics, including audio design for theaters, lecture halls, conference centers and control rooms. Acoustics is all physics until the sound hits the ear, and that’s the moment that Ed lives for while mathematically modeling how sound will perform before a space is even built.

Phil Goddard, CBO

BAW Architecture—Code Specialist

Phil has nearly three decades of experience in the building and fire code fields for commercial, industrial, high rise, health care, and HAZMAT buildings in the US and abroad. He is a recognized expert in building codes, code administration and permitting software systems. His outstanding knowledge of code principles allows him to source and document code for any country or locale, a tremendous asset to BAW in the international arena, as is his even-keel disposition.

Warren J. Foster

BAW Architecture—Specification Writer

Warren holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Nebraska. He provides specialized, superior quality consulting involving construction specifications, construction administration, analysis, and evaluation throughout all stages of planning and construction. When BAW went looking for the top industry specialist, it was clear they had their man in Warren, who spends his day researching and studying codes. The specs always line up, are tight, succinct, and up-to-date.

We bring together the right experts for each project, often leading groups of 350 or more people on projects around the globe.

BRAD ADAMS WALKER, President & architect

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