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Where to site your facility is a question of the utmost importance, and the correct decision can be absolutely key to your success.

BAW Architecture specializes in risk-based facility siting services for the petrochemical and transportation industries. From our perspective, it’s part of looking at the project as a whole from its inception.

Since the BP Texas City explosion in 2005, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and regulatory agencies (OSHA and U.S. Chemical Safety Board) have focused on developing new and revised recommended practices for risk assessment and mitigation requirements for temporary and permanent buildings located in or around processing units (e.g. API RP-752 and 753).

OSHA is in the process of conducting detailed site inspections, and has included facility-siting compliance as one of their top four focus items of these National Emphasis Program (NEP) inspections.

BAW has developed a comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation planning process that helps our clients demonstrate that they have identified facility siting risk and plant control room location factors. We have a robust implementation plan to mitigate potential risk over a number of years.

In addition to the regulatory compliance and legal liability protection benefits to develop a facility siting risk mitigation plan, BAW also specializes in developing master facility plans, which not only address the immediate risk assessment requirements, but also address long-term (5 yr/10yr/15yr) facility infrastructure improvements and asset optimization addressing security, IT infrastructure, site circulation, and workforce optimization though a multi-year master facility plan.

Find out more about the 11 reasons why BAW is the industry leader in control room design, or contact BAW for more information about facility siting.

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