fatigue management

Fatigue Management

Fatigue is a sleeping giant

The data is conclusive: excessive operator fatigue was determined to be a contributory factor in numerous disasters in the petrochemical, mining and transportation industries over the last 30 years.

Safety is critical in your line of work—therefore so is fatigue management.

BAW Architecture puts the science of fatigue management in control rooms upfront and center, ensuring that your control room benefits from industry-leading knowledge of fatigue risk mitigation.

The goal is to develop a customized Fatigue Risk Management System that takes into account shift hours and work patterns and the scientifically defensible realities of a human being’s basic biological need to sleep. This approach to fatigue management includes:

  • Organization of shift systems and manning profiles
  • Providing sufficient opportunity for good quality and quantity of sleep
  • Organization of safety critical work as it relates to vulnerable times of low alertness
  • Recovery rooms optimized for rest without promoting sleep inertia, with proper sound-proofing, temperature, and alarm system in case of abnormal event
  • Exercise rooms that stimulate alertness, and aid in better operator sleep at the end of the shift
  • Management and employee understanding of sleep, sleep disorders and fatigue-related risk

The outcome is a tailored, documented, formal approach for defined controls and reporting structures for identifying and managing fatigue-related risk. These recommendations are then made manifest in BAW’s control room design and support for defining the operational parameters. The end result is a control room—and a company culture—with state-of-the-art fatigue mitigation systems in place.

With all that’s at stake, taking fatigue management seriously is not only the right thing to do, it’s the most cost-effective as well.

Find out more about the 12 reasons why BAW is the global leader in ergonomic control room design, or contact us to learn more about what our team can do for you.

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