front end engineering design

Front End Engineering Design

Your project’s success, front and center

The world’s leading companies in multiple industries choose BAW Architecture for their front end engineering design (FEED) for our simple but effective credo: Do it right the first time.

A partial list of BAW FEED partners includes:

  • Fluor
  • Bechtel
  • Jacobs
  • WorleyParsons
  • KBR
  • Orica

BAW has been incorporating front end engineering design (FEED) processes into their projects since the early 1990s, and has extensive experience working with engineering, procurement and construction firms (EPCs). Processes have evolved over decades that address the milestones dictated by FEED. The steps are so comprehensive that once the FEED process is done, the end design is about 30% complete.

Front end engineering design is in essence about feasibility. All alternatives and options are considered, and costs evaluated, the end goal being decisions that ensure ROI for you and a safe workplace for operators, engineers and other personnel. When you choose BAW for front end engineering design you get:

  • Decades of FEED experience with large EPC organizations throughout the world
  • A mature, self-directed team
  • A wealth of historic cost-per-square foot/meter information particular to any given building type.
  • Key programming experience that makes buildings as efficient as possible
  • Knowledge of the complex multi-disciplinary requirements for a given project and a long-term view

BAW understands an EPC’s requirements and can adapt and get results quickly—the BAW team knows and can anticipate the needs. There is tremendous value in the short window of time needed by BAW to contribute to the FEED proposal, a level of efficiency based on years of experience working throughout the world with large organizations.

In what ways is FEED beneficial? Key buildings of a plant are based upon assumptions early on, and without BAW’s experience and input the result is often not designed in the interest of operators working in a 24-hour manned facility. Poor decisions can be made, which manifest in buildings that function improperly, and waste money over the long term. Potential opportunities can be lost. Bad design can lead to a hostile work environment and can result in legal issues.

By contrast, BAW’s assistance during front end engineering design processes on the front end address fundamental financial, timeline, scope, size and human resource issues, to ensure the ultimate success of your project overall. Every important element of the project is taken into account and addressed upfront. You also get an accurate estimate of what the work will cost.

Find out more about why BAW is the global leader in in process plant control room design, or contact BAW Architecture to learn more about what our team can do for you.

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