control room material finish

Control Room Material Finish Selection

Function leads, form follows, beauty happens

A control room must be built to last. When you partner with BAW Architecture, you can be assured that durability is the key factor influencing the choice of all material finishes.

If a material is not robust, it does not make the cut, no matter how aesthetically pleasing. BAW Architecture deals with function and form in every aspect of control room design—and function takes the lead every time.

This pragmatic approach to control room material finish selection is balanced with the realities of local cultures and control room best practices regarding lighting and acoustics. All materials pre-selected using these criteria:

  • Consistent with ISO 11064 requirements
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Slip resistance
  • Building codes
  • Durability (product life cycle)
  • High-level sound-absorbing qualities
  • Appropriate light reflectance values
  • NRC (noise reduction coefficient)
  • Acceptable level of contrast in patterns
  • Company color guidelines (if applicable)

Projects are often located outside of North America, around the globe, which adds another layer of complexity to great control room design. In addition to the above, these projects require:

  • Great attention being paid to sourcing locally as much as possible
  • Cultural considerations, such as avoiding colors, motifs or other design elements that are offensive to locals.
  • Realities of transport and customs regulations
  • Sourcing certified local installers
  • Working with local manufacturers in the host country who can produce according to BAW dictates on color, pattern, weave and material choice
  • When local products are deemed not durable or of poor quality, knowing when to source from other places
  • All finishes must also meet standards of local building codes

ISO requirements dictate that end users and senior management must be involved in the selection process, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We never dictate the subjective aspects of the project, but rather see our role as guides who help the end-user team create a room driven by function, but one that is also beautiful, tasteful and sophisticated in its aesthetic.

The selection of the interior finishes was very interesting and a learning experience for me. The amount of preparation by your team was very evident and impressive. The 3D work is impressive and makes the concepts - ideas come to life. Last, I really appreciate the openness and willingness of your team to build on the comments during the week.

Operations Manager

We are scientific in our approach, but the end product is always a source of pride for the operators, and everyone who encounters the building—whether engineers or dignitaries—feels an elevated sense of place. Some control buildings are massive in scale, and a facility of that scope provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to take a quantum leap toward a more civilized and beautiful future. A great control building improves morale and productivity, and also attracts and maintains talent.

Functionality is always the driving force behind material finishes, but when you walk through the door of a BAW control room you’d have a hard time believing it. That’s because our designs are a harmonious integration of color, scale, texture, pattern and contrast. Quite simply, it is a thing of beauty, which is a joy forever.

Find out more about the 11 reasons why BAW is the global leader in control room design, or contact us to learn more about what our team can do for you.

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