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Oil & Gas Control Centers

If you are in the oil and gas industry, managing heat, pressure and flow is a calling, and efficiency is a religion. You are challenged with constantly refining your processes to achieve maximum efficiency, or watch your competition do it for you and take your market share. Unrestricted flow is your holy grail. An optimized process control center can help you achieve it.
At BAW Architecture we understand the demands faced by operators in the oil & gas industry better than anyone in the industry. View more.View Less.

Our control centers are designed from the operator out, because the day-to-day realities of how the operator functions lies at the heart of a control center optimized for safety and efficiency. Understanding the operator’s needs—how they interface with complex systems within a high-pressure environment—is our starting point, and all design decisions flow out from that central tenet.

If you are relentlessly driven to maximize productivity, you know that is achieved in large part by ensuring that your operators have access to the safest, most effective and most efficient refinery control centers in the industry.

Contact us to find out why BAW is the best choice for return on investment for your energy control center.

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