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Transportation Control Centers

Monitoring the flow of traffic directly affects the average citizen on a daily basis, whether they are aware of it or not. Creating a safe, productive and comfortable control center for operators who are entrusted with the many lives on this country’s highways and interstates is what we do at BAW Architecture.

Many control rooms throughout the world are remote and removed from the daily lives of most people. The operators in these centers monitor oil platforms out at sea, or mining operations hundreds of miles from the nearest settlement. This is not true of transportation control centers.

Control centers, no matter the industry, have the same issues. In transportation you are dealing with traffic flow. Success is making more cars and trucks move as quickly yet as safely as possibly along the nation’s corridors. In order to have your transportation control center running at optimum levels, you need a control room that is optimized for operator productivity. At BAW that means designing from the inside out. We always begin with the operator, and the tasks that he or she performs on a daily basis, then design out from there. We then employ best practices in lighting, acoustics, consoles, furniture and material finishes to ensure that your operators are able to run the most efficient and safe transportation control center possible.

In the event of an accident, time is of the essence. Operators must be able to communicate critical information to highway patrol or other emergency services. Being able to do so efficiently can literally save lives. At BAW we understand the demands of your job, and can help you execute it in best way possible.

Contact us to find out why BAW is the best choice for return on investment for your transportation control center.

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