charrette facilitation

Charrette Facilitation

Now you’re talking

A charrette facilitation is an intensive, workshop-style meeting in which the BAW Architecture team seeks an open dialogue with you, to educate a small group of your key project personnel regarding the proposed project.

The goal is to build design consensus, so that at the end everyone on your end understand the project and are shaking their head “yes.”

BAW’s approach is highly efficient, even as it seeks to consider the project as a whole entity. The BAW team travels to your offices, anywhere in the world, where the facilitative process helps operators, engineers and management understand the project’s fundamentals.

BAW’s philosophy is operator-centric, and all control room designs are done from the inside out, with the operator at the core. The voice and perspective of the operator is thus the starting point, and BAW seeks to draw information from your operators on the realities of how they function; come up with alternatives that are put in front of them; create rapid iterations of what the layout might look like; then bring to closure the initial project phase. Learn more about the 11 reasons why BAW is the industry leader in control room design.

Over the past 30 years BAW has developed a proprietary charrette facilitation process that features many tools and techniques. An abbreviated list includes:

  • Questionnaires
  • Interviews
  • Program analysis
  • Adjacency matrices
  • Adjacency diagrams
  • Building block plans
  • Room block plans
  • Link analysis

The goal is to ultimately develop a 2-D floor plan that then leads to a realistic order of magnitude, cost of construction, and answers fundamental questions, such as who is in the building, who is not, and how is maintenance integrated into the philosophy. Risk assessment and siting are also taken into account then a floor plan is developed that reflects where rooms will be placed. The cost per square foot can now be determined based on BAW’s years of experience.

Thank you for the very productive visit this past week. I appreciated the time and effort you and your staff put into this past week’s review. It was highly successful in my view. I am so pleased that (we) have you as our architect on this control center. It is a great looking building, laid out perfectly. I can’t wait to see the real thing.

Operations Manager

There is a lot more to efficient charrette facilitation than meets the eye; what is described here is simply the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about why BAW Architecture is the leader in 24/7 mission-critical control building design, or contact us to start a conversation.

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