About BAW Architecture

25 Years of ExcellenceWe are a tight-knit, scalable group of architects, interior designers and ergonomics experts who create intelligent, innovative solutions to our clients’ control room and control building challenges. We often lead groups of 350 or more people on projects around the globe.

Brad Adams Walker

President & Architect

Thought Leadership

Our whitepapers share 25 years of control room design expertise.

Meet the Team

An interdisciplinary team

The people who work here possess industry-leading expertise, but beyond that honesty and integrity are integral to the way they do business. These are the cornerstones of the BAW way.

BRAD ADAMS WALKER, President & Architect

The BAW Totem

At the BAW office in Denver, Colorado one of the central architectural features is a colonnade of white columns of considerable mass, the first of which has been affectionately dubbed the Totem. While neither Doric, Ionic nor Corinthian in style, the column nonetheless possesses a sense of classical gravitas that is echoed in BAW’s timeless architecture.

The Totem transcended its purely functional weight-bearing architectural role to become something of a cherished office object once visiting clients were invited to sign it. Their indelible signatures on the Totem express the longstanding relationships that BAW cultivates and nurtures over time. The Totem thus serves as an emblem of a far-flung group, one that shares the same values and business ethic.

Why baw architecture?

  • Experience

    BAW has built more control room projects than any other company in the industry—more than 100 over 25 years for Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, Fluor, Honeywell, and many more. That’s more hands-on, earned control room expertise than any other company in the world.

  • Integrity

    BAW emphasizes and exercises honesty, transparency and trustworthiness in all facets of their operations and relationships.

  • Return on Investment

    We design to maximize safety and increase efficiency by enabling operators to respond to abnormal situations in the smallest window of time possible, averting costly potential disasters.

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Our Process

We have our own highly developed processes, but are extremely adept at accommodating the established processes of the firms with whom we partner. Learn more.

  • Client Needs
  • Direction
  • Design
  • Coalescence
  • Value