3-D visualization

Tell us what you need. We will envision it.

First there is a dialogue, then BAW Architecture creates fabulously accurate and detailed visualizations. You will be able to easily see what the proposed building might look like, from an interior, exterior and functionality perspective.


The dialogue continues, any suggested changes are done in real time, and you have an updated rendering almost instantaneously. The advantage to you is the streamlining of the design process, and an accelerated understanding that is difficult to envision with a 2-dimensional schematic. Animation gets the whole team excited about the proposed project, and consensus is rapidly built.

BAW employs sophisticated applications, such as a rendering engine called V-Ray, which calculates physically accurate lighting models and materials. With boggling accuracy, BAW is able to visualize the resulting finish materials based on real world attributes like glossiness, color, transparency, and texture. Designing in three dimensions early in the process can also help identify and resolve potential conflicts between the architect and the engineering team before they ever happen, saving both time and money.

BAW has been at the very cutting edge of 3-D visualization in control building architecture since 1997, and it all comes down to one simple principle: in-house production results in an extremely efficient and reliable end result. After conducting an international search to recruit the best talent, BAW invested in state-of-the-art 3-D technology. The result is the dedicated machinery and skill set in-house to produce detailed 3-D renderings or even a full computer-generated walk-through video rendering of a proposed project in a very short time span after an initial discussion.

Timelessly effective environments are the result of understanding how a space needs to function.

BRAD ADAMS WALKER, President & architect

Many architecture firms outsource their 3-D visualization projects to India or China. The result is poor quality, unreliability, lack of consistency, and long production lag times. This is not how BAW does business.

BAW’s unique combination of technical expertise and artistic creativity in 3-D visualization gives you a clear picture of what the end result might look like—what it will feel like—very early on in the process. Find out more about why BAW is the global leader in in control room design, or contact BAW Architecture to learn more about what our team can do for you.

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