blast resistant design

Blast Resistant Design

Engineered to be on the safe side

Partnering with BAW Architecture ensures that your control room benefits from 30 years of experience designing blast resistant buildings.

You can be safe knowing that we have an outstanding reputation in the petrochemical industry for creative yet cost-effective blast resistant designs. Your project benefits from the expertise of a world leader in the design of blast resistant control buildings, and a state-of-the-art facility designed to protect against explosions, fire and toxic vapor cloud release.

To create a safe, yet cost-effective structure, the structural systems are analyzed and designed utilizing dynamic non-linear time-history analyses methods. In most situations, the building not only needs to meet life safety requirements, but also be functioning after an incident. To meet the performance requirements, the structure is designed for response limits that are appropriate for the facilities’ levels of protection.

Core competencies include:

  • Facility Siting for Owners Risk Assessment/Quantitative Analysis
  • Security Planning and Risk Assessments for Malevolent Attack
  • Consequence Analysis and Mitigation Design
  • Blast Resistant Design of Primary Structural Frame and Foundations
  • Blast Resistant Design of Exterior Walls
  • Blast Resistant Doors
  • Blast Resistant Windows
  • Evaluation and Retrofitting of Existing Facilities for Blast Affects

BAW pioneered the design of modern blast resistant control buildings, shifting away from fortress-like bunkers to facilities designed from the inside out.

BAW’s design response to abnormal incident scenarios identified in the risk assessment and security planning phases is based on a methodology that integrates the design and operation of the facility, the primary goal being to save lives and prevent injuries, and to quickly revert to a normal operational mode.

Throughout the world people are working in outdated structures at industrial facilities that are at risk of collapse in the event of an accidental explosion or malevolent attack. The workers in these facilities are also at risk for injury and potential loss of life in the event of a chemical vapor cloud release. Your control building design will not driven by the minimum requirements of local building codes, but by industry standards and best practices. The point is to save lives and property. No other company achieves this goal to greater effect than BAW.

In addition to blast mitigation, you will benefit from BAW’s expertise in the design of control buildings in regions of high seismicity, environments of extreme hot and cold, snow environments, anti-terrorism considerations, video surveillance and high-level electronic security, addressed at the architectural and design levels.

BAW’s blast resistant control buildings are located throughout the world, in the USA, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Far East, South America and Africa.

Find out more about why BAW is the global leader in in control room design, or contact us to learn more about our blast resistant design projects.

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