BAW Architecture Control Building Central Asia

Integrated Operations Control Center

Oil & Gas | Central Asia

A remote region in Asia, rich in natural resources, is the site of what will soon be one of the largest control rooms ever built. A major petrochemical company is bringing in western technology that will double capacity and significantly increase profitability.

The original oil production plant at this site was owned by the Soviet Union. When the Berlin Wall fell, it set off seismic political cracks, and the Soviet-created ”Stans” became independent nation states. The people here inherited a groaning, rusty crude oil production plant in 1992. It was clear that a major upgrade was in order. A global leader in the petrochemical industry was solicited to help the plant reach its capacity potential. That company called on BAW to design a control room that would achieve that end.

Sophisticated custom consoles that include both large and small screens, sit/stand ergonomic functionality, and task lighting is integrated into each console. Acoustics include a “sound shower” over the head of each operator so that alarms are specific to that operator. Console operators have the ability to modify the temperature in their environment through local controls. The room is free of columns, enhancing line-of-sight and communications.

The design integrates regional motifs derived from woven tapestries and even the national flag. BAW hired a local architect to help incorporate elements of the local culture in the most authentic way possible. As one of the country’s flagship enterprises, it is intended to be a showcase for visiting dignitaries from around the world.

All documents for the project are in Russian and English. Furthermore, the sheer size and complexity of the project speaks to BAW’s expertise in working with government jurisdictions and regulatory agencies around the globe.

A 96% ISO compliance level was achieved through state-of-the-art human factors engineering (HFE) integration. This included detailed and complex calculations necessary to cover the full range of HFE considerations, from analysis to user testing. The true spirit of the ISO standards was made manifest through an integrated approach of architecture, interior design and HFE.


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76,000 sf / 7,054 sm
Oil & Gas
Central Asia
2020 | Built
  • Design Team Leadership
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Blast Resistant Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Facility Siting
  • Life Safety
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
  • Structural Engineering
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Interior Lighting
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You and your company have provided the expert help that we were looking for. I am very pleased with the work and very pleased with the level of interaction on the concept. I really appreciate the approach and guidance that has been provided. You have a very dedicated and professional team that has met every deadline with top quality documents. Thanks very much.



This project is a veritable case study in best practices. Utilities are accessed via catwalks located above the ceiling, so that a light fixture repair does not disturb the operators, nor will ladders and tools overhead compromise their safety. Airport-level security is featured throughout. Extreme climatic conditions were addressed, since comfort had to be assured at temperatures ranging between minus 33 to plus 111 degrees Fahrenheit. The possibility of seismic activity was also accounted for. Located “outside the fence,” it has security windows that allow for daylight.


With the upgrades to the plant including new sour gas injection to increase well head pressures and a new control center outside of the fence output will be more than doubled.  Increased safety and product means a win for everyone.

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