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Centralized Control Building

Oil & Gas | South Korea

A major player in South Korea’s petroleum industry aims to construct a large-scale expansion of their current processing plant – which requires a complex state-of-the-art central control facility to consolidate current and future operations.

Planning a large-scale consolidated control building is a tall order in of itself, but when you factor in the added complexities of locating it in the middle of the processing plant, it was an obvious choice to bring in the experts at BAW Architecture. Our unparalleled experience and knowledge allowed BAW to address the entirety of the various design intricacies; everything from the 25+ steady-state operator Central Control Room to blast overpressure considerations, and it was all done from the other side of the world.

Hired by an EPC out of the United Kingdom and a client based out of South Korea, BAW’s proposed approach to conduct both workshops and design 100% remotely was an efficient tactic that saved the client time and money. This approach required flexibility in accommodating schedules in multiple parts of the world and was done so without a hitch.

Involving BAW early in design meant that the team was able to influence the size, shape, and planned location of this complicated building on the designated site.  Located ‘inside the fence’ meant that every square foot of land was premium, and it would be a challenge to minimize the footprint of the building without compromising the functionality of the Central Control Room or the rest of the building. It was clear at the outset of programming that a single-story building was not feasible with the client’s desired program and the site constraints. Given the large number of operators, the natural place to start design was by properly sizing and shaping the Central Control Room, ultimately driving the footprint for the rest of the building. This tactical approach economized the overall footprint and ensured that critical operations requirements were satisfied that resulted in a multi-story building which captured the client’s vision.

As a considerable investment in the future of the process plant, and because of its centralized location, the building will provide facilities for not only those working in the building but also allow access to those working outside the building and distinguished visitors. It was important to the client to not only maximize the functionality of the building, but for it to be impressive – visually and technologically – for staff and dignified visitors alike. Housing operators and support staff as well as company executives, the building is planned to incorporate the latest in advanced technology including a 3D Holographic display located in the Viewing Gallery overseeing the Central Control Room operations. The Viewing Gallery provides just that: expansive views of the massive Central Control Room, showcasing the video display wall and providing an area to glimpse at operations without any disruptions to the operators themselves.


Safety in Design

This multi-story building located in an area with blast overpressures required careful consideration for the building structure and location of the utility rooms and associated equipment, especially in keeping the almost 20,000sf multi-level volume Central Control Room column-free. The BAW team took the initiative, exploring a number of alternatives in the building organization prior to landing on the final design, ultimately providing a practical solution for the building layout and structural design approach.


While the design requirements of the building posed many challenges, BAW rose to the occasion to provide a facility design derived from human factors requirements that matched the client’s vision for both the facility and the future.

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85,000 sf
Oil & Gas
South Korea
2022 Design
  • Control Building Architecture
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  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Console Design
  • Facility Siting
  • Blast Resistant Design
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