Global Control Room Projects

To the ends of the earth

Designing a control building overseas adds layers of complexity. Your architect of choice must know the ropes.

With over 100 global control room projects built worldwide for industry leaders in the petrochemical, mining and transportation sectors, BAW Architecture has the experience and expertise necessary to successfully execute the world’s toughest, most complex projects. Our portfolio includes built projects in North and South America, the Middle East, Central Asia, Asia, Africa and Australia.

That means that in addition to the design of the actual facility, we have deep experience in the international arena regarding the myriad factors that are the reality of doing business overseas, including foreign taxes, foreign control room layout guidelines, legal and accounting issues; local codes and visas; time zone differences, banking and currency considerations; and translation issues. Let’s explore some of these in more depth.

Team Management

BAW has managed teams of 350 or more people around the globe. In addition to our core office staff, we have built solid relationships with subject matter experts around the world, who collaborate as needed on any given project to produce world-class results.

Legal Issues

The last thing your project needs is to fall afoul of the local laws, or get entangled in legal issues of any kind, though it’s not uncommon when doing business in the international arena. Our expertise on over 100 projects globally ensures safe passage through these potentially dangerous waters. This is no place to try your chances with an upstart.

Banking and Taxes

This is another area fraught with potential vicissitudes. Some banks won’t provide loans for businesses doing work in, say, Turkmenistan. In that case the design firm must carry that loan, and we are well versed in this process. Also, taxes abroad often require filing an apostille, a fairly arduous bureaucratic process that involves the U.S. State Department and the IRS in Washington DC sending a paper with a seal to the host country. BAW is thoroughly experienced in all aspects of global financial and tax matters, so it’s just one less thing for you to worry about.

Codes, Visas and Bureaucracy

We contract with the world’s foremost experts on building codes to ensure your projects are in compliance. And we are well versed in the ins and outs of local bureaucratic institutions, and assume that burden on your behalf. Travel visas for 20 people to go on-site within a week? Done.


Communication breakdowns can sabotage even the best-laid plans. Our direct experience includes blueprints, specs and code requirements translated into multiple languages for a single project.

Remote Communications

It’s always best to meet face-to-face, and BAW emphasizes the importance of commencing most projects on-site. But we also have the technical capacity to do everything 100% remotely, and keep the projects on track with weekly video conferencing. Since 90% of the work is done here in office, it just makes sense, and it keeps costs down. Late shifts, all-nighters or pre-dawn starts can accommodate all time zone differences.


Publication-DBJ-2015BAW Architecture was interviewed by the Denver Business Journal for the work BAW Architecture has done internationally, over its 30 year history of designing control rooms for mission-critical operations. Read the full version of the article here: Colorado Architects Seize Overseas Opportunity.

If you are considering an architecture firm for your control building, control room or upgrade anywhere in the world, we encourage you to thoroughly vet BAW against other companies in the industry. Once you do, we are confident you will choose BAW.

Learn more about why BAW Architecture is the leader in 24/7 mission-critical control building design, or contact us to get a complete list of our projects overseas or to discuss your company’s global needs.

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