Why BAW Architecture?


BAW has built more control room projects than any other company in the industry—more than 100 over 30 years for Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, Fluor, Honeywell and many more. That’s more hands-on, earned control room expertise than any other company in the world.


BAW emphasizes and exercises honesty, transparency and trustworthiness in all facets of their operations and relationships.


Functionality always leads, form and aesthetics always follow.


BAW is a compact firm comprised of a core team of highly efficient experts. We have the resources to bring in subject matter experts—350 or more on a single project—without the overhead of larger firms.


BAW has well defined processes that enable us to adapt to all different client requirements. Our work process can interface with your processes efficiently and seamlessly.


BAW designs control buildings that stand the test of time, in durability of structure and longevity of human-machine interface objectives. BAW takes the long view. The end product is built to last.

Quality & Value

We create value for our clients commensurate with the compensation that we receive. We never over-design. You receive a quality end product that suits your needs exactly. Nothing more. Nothing less.


BAW aligns with EPCs early on in a project to maximize efficiency and optimize ISO 11064 and EPC-specific requirements at the outset.


From lighting to acoustics to line-of-sight to sit/stand stations, BAW has been at the forefront of the Human Factors design revolution in control room design for the past 30 years.


We’ve been at the forefront of control room design for 30 years, and we continue to stay on top of current technology and continually push the boundaries of the industry.


We integrate interior design and human factors engineering into all control room architecture. This integrative approach is not matched by any EPC or other architecture firm.

Return on Investment

We design to maximize safety and increase efficiency by enabling operators to respond to abnormal situations in the smallest window of time possible, averting costly potential disasters.

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