Operations Center of the Future

Chemical | Arizona, USA

Honeywell presented BAW Architecture with a challenge: create a state-of-the-art control room to showcase its latest technology to prospective buyers. The space would house futuristic screens where an abnormal situation could be simulated, then brought back to safety with best-practices automation.

The challenge unfolded in an existing 40 x 40 office space in Phoenix, Arizona. Honeywell wanted a next-generation virtual control room that could accommodate visitors. BAW set about creating a futuristic stage set that would demonstrate Honeywell’s latest advances in control room technology. The result was a space-age room with therapeutic lighting to reduce eye strain, and unsurpassed attention to acoustics that featured sound-absorbing materials throughout the space. Custom-designed console furniture incorporated ergonomic principles that curved, reflecting the arc of a human’s reach.

The entire unit had to be portable, upgradable and scalable. Indeed, ISO requirements demand a 25% growth capacity, to accommodate future technology. BAW expertly wove into the design scalability factors that take into account technology that no one can yet imagine. The multi-purpose space is also modular, and can be relocated if needed, negating return-on-investment concerns.

1,600 sf / 148.6 sm
Arizona, USA
2000 | Built
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrial Engineering
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Futuristic ergonomics and human factors best practices were employed at the most fundamental level and informed every detail. Decades of research and cost-benefit analyses have proven that employing these best practices in control room efficiencies results in greater safety, which results in fewer events and therefore increased ROI.


Honeywell sold a lot of technology. Their investment in creating the Control Room of the Future paid off many times over. Contact us to learn more about what our team can do for you.

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