CDOT Control Center Renovation & Technology Upgrade

Transportation | Colorado, USA

This control room renovation project had the added complexity of being literally located inside a mountain. An antiquated space had to be upgraded while all the traffic of a major interstate continued to flow.

This 24/7 control room is used to monitor traffic from Interstate 70 west of Vail Pass to the Utah state line in Colorado. Its location – within a mountain and invisible to the public – gave it a James Bond feel.

The control room’s lighting, design, acoustics and technology dated from the 1970s and were badly in need of an upgrade. The window of time allocated for completion was a line in the sand: complete the project before the first snowfall on September first or all hell breaks loose.

In a renovation project of this type the luxury of stopping the existing traffic did not exist, and therefore a very high level of strategic execution had to be employed. All new technologies, equipment and construction materials had to be carried through a tunnel, taken up an elevator, and installed without disturbing the current operations. Therefore the project had to be planned and phased with precision, then executed like clockwork in a very narrow window of time.

Colorado Department of Transportation
2,300 sf / 213.7 sm
Colorado, USA
2012 | Built

I appreciate the job that BAW Architecture did with the HLT Control Center design and managing the subs. The project came out great and everyone is very satisfied.



In a renovation of this type, the key concern is how to keep the operators safe while literally welding above their head. Through a phased approach BAW relocated portions of the existing control room to another room while renovation work was being done, ensuring safety throughout the entire process. A temporary wall in the adjacent lunch room with screens was mounted for ongoing monitoring of traffic operations. A SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system upgrade was also undertaken. It provides the display and wall processing capabilities needed for interoperability of multiple information platforms.


This major upgrade not only transformed communications technology, enabling traffic monitoring from central Colorado and west to the Utah state line, but created a comfortable 24/7 work environment for those who are entrusted with the many lives on Interstate 70. Contact us to learn more about what our team can do for you.

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