The global leader in mission-critical control room design for 25 years

At BAW Architecture, we design control rooms, control buildings and operation camps that feature a user-driven approach, and integrate architectural, interior design and human factors elements to optimize performance. Our buildings for Fortune 100 companies can be found throughout the world.

Featured Project

Decision support Center

Oil & Gas | Texas, USA

In an office tower high above Houston, the BAW Architecture team created a state-of-the-art control room that provides real-time monitoring of dozens of oil platforms around the globe.

Control Room Audit Service

How Does Your Control Room Rate?

Did you know that a control room audit can identify a menu of practical fixes that can transform your control room into a safe, efficient, modern space with minimal investment?

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We are a small, responsive, nimble team of control room experts with the ability to scale and lead groups of 350 or more people to execute customized solution to the world’s most demanding mission-critical control building challenges.

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